How I found balance in my life | 4 Tips on how to get a life!

Too much stress. No sleeping. No energy. Poor eating habits. No life! stressful education process and later on in life, work, really took a toll on me.

I would describe myself as a very active, healthy and happy person – in one word: balanced. But it wasn’t always like that. It was the complete opposite, to be honest. I prepared 4 tips on how to get a life. 

Larisa Smrekar is a young, but experienced entrepreneur, CEO of the company Agleya ltd.

The fact is, that I felt tired all the time when I was young. When it started, I was only 15 years old.

I’ve had disordered sleeping, that led to tiredness during the day. By that time, I received many comments from my family and relatives saying: “You’re too young to have such problems. Your energy level is probably too high, you should start an extra exercise and you’ll feel tired and sleep at night”.

I took their advice and found my hobby in standard dances. Since our trainings were really late at night (ending around 10pm) it helped a bit with my struggle.

Later in life, when I was finishing my studies at high school and further studies at university, even trainings weren’t helping me anymore.

Because they ended late, I had usually been staying up late at night, working on school projects and missing out valuable sleep.

I had a very hard time turning my brain off and actually falling asleep. Basically, my mind was always fast forwarding to the future.

The four horsemen of my apocalypse

4 most common issues before reaching your healthy lifestyle.


Everything today feels stressful, doesn't it? You can't run away from it and you just don't have the willpower to really face it.


A thing that really becomes a challenge when other aspects of your life aren't working well.


You loose all the energy and everything is harder from there on. You don't have the required resource to make a change any longer.


Poor food becomes a compensation for required daily happiness. You start to feel bad and loose all the confidence. All for a moment of delight while you consume unhealthy

I found a way to get better and I would like to share it with everyone.

Nature's secret weapon for a healthy lifestyle!

I’ve been practising it for a while now, and it really works. Although my work sometimes requires me to be “always on”, when it comes to proper sleep and wellbeing, that’s the priority. Sleep quality is just so important for various aspects of brain function – cognition, concentration, productivity and performance. Altogether you realise its true importance!

My daily routine is completely different now than it was in my student years, but my winning formula still includes those 3 simple tips. I even connect it to my accomplishments in my career (having the job I love), private life (having a loving partner) and relationships (having supportive family and friends).

Not to mention, my energy level is higher than ever and I don’t have any sleeping problems. And as a cherry on the top, I even managed to adopt a German shepherd puppy, who’s very demanding (dog lovers will know what I mean).

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4 tips on how to get a life and achieve an amazing balanced life

Simple steps towards a healthier lifestyle!

Tip nr. 1: Start using CBD

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I probably couldn’t get to next steps if I didn’t start taking 5 drops of this herbal wonder 2 times a day. It brought energy into my life, I started sleeping better and didn’t feel the stress to impact me so much any longer.

You’ll get to know more about it a bit lower.

Tip nr. 2: Daily exercise

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You have to find the right amount of balance and not overdo it.

Although I started exercising with dancing classes, switched to running and meditation. I developed my running routine that takes daily 30-45 minutes, usually before night-time.

If I don’t feel well (sickness or something), I replace running with jogging or walking and it works for me as well.

After a run, I always take 30 minutes for relaxation and meditation. This combination calms and relaxes your mind.

Tip nr. 3: Take a time to get ready for bed

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Try to avoid TV, reading, computer and mobile-phone one hour before you go to bed. It’s recommended that you don’t do that in bedroom at all but in another room. Also, stick to quiet, calm activities, just like meditation or yoga.

Tip nr. 4: Don't forget to have some fun

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Do you like playing golf? Do it. Do you enjoy massages? Treat yourself!

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