On the rise in popularity! How CBD is alleviating epilepsy symptoms!

What is epilepsy? How can CBD help my epilepsy? What effects does CBD have?In this article we are going to tell you why CBD is the best way of combatting the terrible side effects of epilepsy. We will explain how CBD does this, and what Mistatera can do to help!
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Epilepsy is more common than you think, but do you know what it is?

What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a central nervous system disorder (neurological). Affecting the brains functions, it can cause abnormal behaviour such as seizures or loss of awareness.

However, it is also a physical condition seen as the body is also affected when the person experiences a seizure. Epilepsy can be described as the tendency to have frequent seizures that start in the brain.

 Although just because someone has a seizure doesn’t necessarily mean they are epileptic. Seizures vary greatly and there are over 40 different types of seizures. How is that possible?

For example, a person may experience a seizure where they fall to the ground and convulse uncontrollably. But a seizure can also be as simple as going “blank” for a few seconds or walking around in confusion. Why is that so, you ask?

Different epilepsies can have many different underlying origins. There is not just one type of epilepsy such as hereditary epilepsy which is genetic and passed on through childbirth. One can also experience epileptic seizures due to a brain injury.

Did you know?

Roughly 60 million people are believed to have epilepsy worldwide. One in 50 people will experience epilepsy at some point in their life. Although, epilepsy is not always a lifelong condition it can start affecting someone at any age. 

Usually epilepsy is diagnosed in people who are under the age of 20 or in people who are 65 and older.

So, what about treatment?

Why is CBD for epilepsy so effective? Fighting the epilepsy at its source!

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Does CBD really help the symptoms of epilepsy?

Firstly, those diagnosed as epileptic are most commonly prescribed AEDs (anti-epileptic drugs). These are medications created to stop seizures occurring but not cure epilepsy. What about an effective natural remedy for epilepsy?

In the last 10 years studies have shown the outstanding effects that CBD, combined with its natural counterparts, has had on epileptic patients. 

CBD is now recognised as a remedy for aiding symptoms of epilepsy. Especially in smaller doses such as 10mg, CBD oil has produced amazing results!

Is it legal?

Most EU member states allow CBD products to be sold and used as long as the product contains less than 0,2% THC. At Mistatera our CBD oil is guaranteed to have less than 0,2% THC content and is legal to be sold throughout the majority of Europe!

How does CBD work for epilepsy?

Cannabis used in a medicinal way has amazing benefits! When used for epilepsy, CBD is one of the best anti-convulsant remedies there is! Cannabis contains over 85 different naturally occurring chemical compounds called cannabinoids, of which the most commonly known are THC and CBD. So, what about CBD?

CBD is the best for helping with epilepsy because of its ability to target different functions of the body. Including the calcium ion channels, sodium ion channels, and receptor agonists to name a few.

What exactly are these channels and receptors?

In simple terms, these channels and receptors are responsible for the body’s response to changes in cell levels within the body. For example, the levels of sodium or glucose in the blood.

Once these levels are monitored the channels and receptors make sure the body acts accordingly to the situation meaning it will produce less or more of what it needs.

These receptors and channels can be overwhelmed and send the wrong messages to the brain which is what causes the seizures and spasms epileptic patients experience.

CBD works to regulate these functions reducing the risk of seizures brought on by irregular bodily activity.

How can we help?

At Mistatera our CBD oil contains all the natural goodness your body needs to combat epilepsy as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Our oil contain less than 0.2% THC meaning they are legal and non-psychotropic. Our oil contain a wide range of natural cannabinoids most importantly CBD!

CBD is already one of the leading supplements for children with epilepsy.

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Is your child experiencing difficulties with seizures, spasms or convulsions? They may have epilepsy?

Epilepsy in children is not uncommon, a study from the UK showed that roughly 1 in 200 children had epilepsy. How can it be diagnosed?

Epilepsy is said to be likely diagnosed in children if they have experienced more than one seizure. If this has occurred the child needs to be taken to a doctor or better yet a paediatrician (a doctor who specialises in aiding children).

Seizures can occur in many different ways so make sure to have a clear explanation of the situation when visiting a doctor.

The doctor will prescribe the medication they think best suits the situation and type of epilepsy the child is diagnosed with. They can also recommend the use of cannabis products as a treatment for epileptic symptoms.

CBD has been proven to be an effective way of alleviating the severity of seizures. Epilepsy, especially in children and elderly people, can be very dangerous and is a serious condition.

If doctors point towards cannabis as an option for treatment, then why not try out CBD oils for yourself?

We can assure that our oil at Mistatera is safe for use on children, it is natural containing an abundance of essential cannabinoids. We offer a premium quality CBD oil suited to your every need!

A healthy option to aid epilepsy when nothing else seems to work!

keto diet

Is keto diet the best diet for epilepsy?

The keto diet, as it is commonly called, is a diet consisting of low amounts of carbohydrates while consuming larger amounts of fat. 

In general, most people eat carbohydrates to get their energy source found in foods such as bread, pasta, and sugar. This energy comes from glucose (a type of sugar), meanwhile the keto diet uses a process called ‘ketosis’.

Ketosis is the process of the body making chemicals called ketones. Ketones are produced when the body uses fat for energy. So, instead of using glucose, the body uses ketones as its energy source.

Who is suitable for the keto diet?

Children with epilepsy are the most common users of this diet because of its amazing results in decreasing seizures. Dieticians usually prescribe such a diet when a child has already tried two different remedies for epilepsy that did not work. 

What sort of results does it produce?

Well, patients after 3 months often explain a feeling of more energy, feeling more alert, and improved responsiveness! In addition to these outstanding outcomes, the keto diet also managed to help patients reduce the frequency of their seizures in some cases by as much as three times less than before!

When medication after medication never seem to fix the issue at hand, it may be time to try a natural option? 

At mistatera we fully support the use of natural remedies. Therefore, a combination of Mistatera’s premium CBD oil, and the keto diet may be all your body needs to reduce epileptic episodes.

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