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Here’s an intro into CBD if you didn’t know already!

Before we talk about CBD in sports let’s take a look at the substance itself.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural cannabinoid, one of over 100 different compounds found in the cannabis plant. The most commonly known cannabinoid is THC but unlike THC, CBD does not produce any psychoactive effects.

Hemp bud

CBD has many medicinal benefits that have already been taken advantage of worldwide. The most common medicinal uses are for the treatment of anxiety symptoms, helping people sleep and for use on patients with chronic pain.

Some other uses for CBD include: 

  • boosting one’s immune system
  • reducing epilepsy
  • decreasing inflammation of joints and muscles.

As you can see CBD has a wide array of uses and can be used in a completely natural, non-intoxicating way!

Latest findings speculate that CBD could be a very cheap and effective way of improving your sports performance. As well as rapidly decreasing recovery times, meaning you can get back into it faster than ever! Check it out here -> CBD oil 

The benefits of CBD in sports!

CBD has quickly risen in popularity with sports stars in recent months. Many superstars have come to the realisation of its medicinal benefits as well as the huge growing market.

In the US alone CBD products have reached a market value of 1 billion USD, with predictions that it could reach 6 billion by 2025!

So, what benefits does CBD give to a sportsperson? 

It helps in two ways; performance while doing sports and recovery.

performance and recovery

The performance aspect is affected by CBD’s ability to keep the mind sharp. Some users even saying it gives them an energy boost! With its ability to relax the body and muscles it is also used to fight pregame nervousness.

So, by taking away any fear and providing one with an extra boost of energy, it comes as no surprise why it’s becoming so popular!

For sports recovery CBD is fantastic! CBD’s anti-inflammatory capabilities are what really shines brighter than the rest! It actively calms the muscles and reduces sore swelling. Therefore, it is also great for old injuries that never seem to go away!

In summary, CBD works perfect in both enhancing the performance of athletes as well as increasing the speed of their recovery!

Next time you go out to participate in your favourite sport why not try CBD?

Just look at these stars who are already advocates!

Sports stars using CBD! (Our top 5 favs)

#1 Ken Block

Profession: Race car driver/ action sports legend

Uses CBD for: Recovering from old injuries that are pestering his joints. He raves about the reduction in inflammation he saw after using CBD in his post work-out routine.

#2 Phil Mickelson

Profession: Professional golfer

Uses CBD for: Focussing mid tournament while on the golf course. Mickelson has been seen taking out his vile of CBD on various occasions during PGA tours.

#3 Ryan Sheckler

Profession: Professional skateboarder/ celebrity

Uses CBD for: Skateboarding is notoriously hard on your ankles and Sheckler can’t believe CBD’s ability to help his joints recover faster than ever!

#4 Nate Diaz

Profession: UFC welter-weight champion

Uses CBD for: Decreasing nerves before going into the octagon for a fight. Plus reducing inflammation & pain from heavy bruising post fights. UFC fighters’ bodies take a beating and CBD helps them recover quickly!

#5 Kerri Walsh Jennings

Profession: Olympic beach volleyball player

Uses CBD for: Recovering from a tournament, it helps her sleep and reduce muscle pain. As well as using it in her daily life as a mother to reduce stress and increase her quality of sleep.

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