Balance and rejuvination with every drop.

Start living your life to the fullest and discover this exceptional organic remedy, devised to reduce your daily stress while increasing life longevity.

Mistatera CBD drops are a perfected blend of different hemp plants with a full cannabinoid spectrum and coconut oil that will make you feel the best life can offer.

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This 5% CBD oil contains full spectrum cannabinoids extract, which will guide you towards a happy and a balanced life. 

CBD oil Mistatera certified

5% CBD oil

500mg (10ml), 100% safe, completely natural.

Pack of 3 CBD

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3 for 2

When you buy 2 products, we will send the 3rd one for FREE.

How does CBD work? 
Will it fit into your lifestyle?

Cannabidiol (CBD) helps to create more cannabinoids which help the body by interacting with the body’s receptors.

These receptors include stress receptors, pain receptors, memory etc. Such receptors are controlled by an internal bodily system call the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The reason why CBD has risen in popularity in recent years is due to this critical relationship it has with the ECS. Because it can communicate with the ECS and create new cannabinoids when the ECS cannot provide them, it means CBD is actively helping your body!

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