Confession of an ex-insomniac

Dawn - CBD user

It’s 3 o'clock in the morning. I am wide awake, tired, and fed up!

The scary part is – I have to be awake in a few hours and drag my body around through the rest of the day and come back home, to this exact same feeling.

I am aware that this is my moment to get some rest – but, there I lay awake. And the fact, that I will have to function for the next 18 hours when my alarm goes off, it only adds to my stress and frustration…

My mornings are just so tedious!

Insomnia REALLY is Torture!

I went and saw a faith healer, tried homoeopathic medicines, even tried with alcohol and prescription medicines. With no long-term success.

I spoke to a few people that I know, with similar problems, hoping that they found a solution and could give me some ideas. To eliminate caffeine, to read before bed, to get physically tired. So, I started to exercise, but then the tiredness of being tired from sport just compounded. My body couldn’t take the physical tiredness! I even stared biohacking my body and removed certain foods from my diet.

I was so fed up with my agony.

But I knew I can’t give up, as it was affecting my professional life. It was affecting my social life. I was never up for any conversation or anything spontaneous. I started excluding myself from social activities, and I sort of became a L.O.N.E.R.

I just couldn’t take it anymore! The only thing that was on my mind (all the time!) my the lack of sleep.

It was messing me up on the inside.

This became my only mission. To put myself to sleep!

While reading and researching, I came across one thing which looked promising! I was reading what others are saying and I saw that they swear by it. Saying that they are calmer and they can think straight, they are more productive at work, more active and engaged.

All in all, it seems to have worked for them!

So I gave it a shot, and – it WORKED!

I am a much a calmer person, I look forward to going to sleep early, simply as am enjoying it. Overall, I am in a much better place than I was! I finally sleep!

And I happily share my story, my experience and the solution which I found with people like you, who want to improve their sleep and overall lives.


What I want for you right now, is for YOU to get some PEACE and SLEEP.

You deserve it. We all do!

Skip the pain of going through this discovery process that I went through and…