“I am in great pain please help me”

Words spoken not only in cartoons.

“I am in great pain please help me”. The famous line uttered by Rick in season one of Rick and Morty, but is it only fictional cartoon characters that are urging for help?

What about your body? Could it also be screaming for help, searching for a solution?

Well the truth is that the body and all its functions have a hard time working to process everything that happens within the body.

Sometimes it doesn’t produce enough of the things that helps us and other times it is overwhelmed and doesn’t know how to react!

How is that possible?

For example, Uric acid.

What the heck is that you ask?

It is what the body has too much of when you eat foods with high purines. This can be found in meats, fish (such as tuna and trout), and those foods high in fat like bacon and dairy products.

Eating too many of these foods could cause you to have too many purines in your system which in hand causes your blood to contain high levels of uric acid. Too much uric acid in your blood causes a commonly known condition called Gout.

Gout can be extremely painful as many sufferers of gout and arthritis will tell you; it feels like having broken glass in your joints!

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Here comes the crazy part!

Millions of people in Europe are affected by these conditions! Are you one of them? There are over 3 million people with gout in the UK and over 2.8 million people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis throughout Europe.

That is daily pain that could be easily avoided!

How can it be easily avoided?

With a natural solution that works at the source of such problems! Gout and arthritis cause pain due to inflammation (painful swelling) in the joints such as between your fingers or in your knees.

Mistatera's CBD drops!

This natural solution is Mistatera’s cannabidiol (CBD) oil. CBD works by interacting with our body’s natural systems meaning it knows where to fight the problems. If your knees are in pain, think of CBD oil as the WD-40 for your joints. It will let you run smoothly once again! “I am in great pain please help me” will never cross your mind again! 

But wait… just like WD-40 prevents rust, Mistatera’s CBD drops will help prevent these painful conditions from recurring! It boosts your immune system and decreases the risk of recurring pain from arthritis and related joint paint.

Fighting the pain and giving you the mobility needed to reach your best!

Click below to see for yourself how good Mistatera’s CBD drops are! Or some more of or great articles here.


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