Know your CBD dosages and percentages! What works best?

Have you ever considered buying CBD oil and been confused by the different dosages & percentages?

Thinking about CBD dosages

Which mg dosage of CBD is suited for you?

What difference does it make if my CBD is 5% or 25%?

In this post we will cover the importance of different dosages and the difference in potency of your CBD!

How do CBD dosages work?

First off, we will use the example of our product Mistatera’s 5% CBD drops. Now the reason these drops are 5% is because the concentrated oil contains CBD in the amount of 500mg.

This is then placed in a 10ml bottle, to calculate the percentage we place the mg of CBD (0.5grams) divided by the ml of the bottle (10ml) to get:

  • 5/10 = 0.05


  • Then to turn it into a percentage we multiply it by 100


  • 05 x 100 = 5%


  • To get the same percentage of CBD from a 30ml bottle you would need 1500mg of CBD. (1.5g) and (30ml).


  • 5/30 = 0.05 x 100 = (5%)

If you don’t want to do this this calculation by yourself this CBD calculator works well.

calculating CBD dosages

What does it mean to take a higher percentage of CBD?

Let’s assume that you are using 5% CBD drops daily and take them 2-3 times a day. But you are sick of using so many drops per week.

You could move up to a higher strength product for example 10% and take half as many drops but still use them 2-3 times a day.

Another reason people move from a lower 5% to 10% is due to the need for a stronger dosage due to increased symptoms.

For example, it is becoming colder in December and the cold weather is flaring up your arthritis. A stronger percentage of CBD can help relax the flare ups more so than your original percentage of CBD drops.

What percentage CBD drops are better for which conditions?

CBD drops work differently on different people and an exact dosage is difficult to say outright due to people being different heights, weights and having different conditions. It is best to first try a lower percentage CBD and move your way up.

A good starter is 5% CBD drops which are most commonly the flagship product of CBD brands (including Mistatera).

Once you’ve tried this lower percentage and have considered the results you can stay at that percentage or move to a higher percentage for example 10%.

In the medical field there is a well-known US brand of alternative epilepsy medication called Epidiolex® which they claim to contain a potency of 100% CBD. That means 100mg of CBD per 1ml of the medicine!

This is a crazy amount of CBD and the company strictly recommends that this medication be first advised by your general practitioner.

excited about CBD


Overall, it is easy to calculate the percentage of your CBD products but difficult to exactly advise someone on the perfect amount to take due to the individuality of people!

So, start out by trying a low percentage CBD product and see how it goes for you!

If you’re an experienced CBD user and are sick of using the lower percentage too many times per day then maybe its time to move up to a higher percentage?

If you’re experiencing heightened symptoms of anxiety or pain due to external influences, then a higher dosage of CBD could also help you!

That’s why Mistatera has just added a wonderful new higher percentage CBD drops product to our range of products! We want to help you adjust to your needs! 

Our new 11% CBD drops are suited for those times when you need a bigger boost of CBD in your lifestyle! Don’t worry about not getting your daily dose of CBD because these drops take it to another level!

10% cbd oil
5% cbd oil

5% CBD Oil by Mistatera

If you are looking to try a brilliant CBD product, then look no further than Mistatera’s 5% CBD drops! Perfect for a first-time experience with CBD or for those experts looking to find a premium European product. Get them here!

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