Free CBD samples!

Free CBD sample
  • CBD reduces stress levels making the body relaxed and ready for sleep.
  • CBD’s ability to reduce inflammation could be all you need to fight chronic pain.
  • By reducing stress, CBD works exceptionally as an anti-anxiety remedy.
  • Keeps the immune system well balanced by modulating immune functions.
  • Works to reduces arthritis pain at the source by targeting pain receptors.

Go on then, It's only CBD and it's free.

Some customers said that they had certain reservations before buying. Like how taking CBD would feel like, how does it taste like, would it make them feel high, etc.

And this sparked the idea!

We want you to TRY our CBD oil. We want you to experience our product.

We ordered these very cute 2 ml glass bottles with a dropper and we filled them up with our 5% CBD oil.

And we are giving out these sample-sized bottles for FREE.

We would only ask you to help with with shipping and handling charges. 

That’s it.

Why are we giving out these FREE samples?

We are so confident in our product and we know that you will become our satisfied customer, that we decided to invest in your experience.