A recent CBD usage survey brought us to a brilliant idea! (Or at least we think so)

What would your answers be like?

We have recently run a survey and the results were extremely interesting:

Do you use CBD oil?
  • 12% of those asked are using CBD regularly.
  • 73% said they would like to try but have certain reservations.
  • 15% have never heard of CBD and have no idea what that is.

For us, the most interesting part was, that 73% would want to try CBD but have mentioned the following reservations:

Why not CBD?
  • I am afraid it may be addictive. (12%)
  • It may make me feel sleepy. (24%)
  • I don’t want to feel „high“. (15%)
  • I am not sure if is completely legal. (7%)
  • I have heard that it tastes awful. (42%)

When we saw these results, we knew what we can do, what we have to do and what we WANT to do.

We want you to EXPERIENCE CBD oil without any commitment.

We want you to see, that the product will not make you high.
It will not make you sleepy or turn your days into some groggy mess.
And the taste is not something so horrible that would be pulling your face.

We came up with an idea to produce a sample bottle and the final result is this cute small bottle, into which we have carefully poured 2 ml of our 5% CBD oil.

And beside its cuteness, here is the best part: 

We are giving out these sample bottles for FREE!

CBD sample UK

We are only asking you to help us cover our handling and shipping charges (=£5). That’s it.

Don’t miss this chance!

This the same product will later be listed on our website for its full price (£7 + shipping)!

2 ml, full-spectrum 5% CBD oil (500 mg)
dissolved in organic coconut oil
40 drops per bottle
14 servings

And if you are asking yourself…

What’s the catch – why are we giving out these FREE samples?

There is no catch!

We are so confident into our product and we know that you will become our satisfied customer, that we decided to invest into your experience.

…and if you still have reservation, thinking that CBD oil may be addictive, you should read this article.