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What is vitamin E and why is it so important for your body?

Vitamin E actually refers to a group of fat-soluble essential nutrients that are present in a variety of different foods, oils, and now beauty products.

The most common natural products containing vitamin E are:

  • Seafood: (salmon, abalone, shrimp)
  • Nuts and seeds (almonds, sunflower seeds),
  • As well as in green fruit and vegetables (spinach, avocado, kiwifruit).

But when you are looking for vitamin E in your beauty products it is most likely written in its chemical form as:  alpha tocopherol. This is the only form of vitamin E that is used by the human body, as well as being the one providing the greatest benefits!

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What are the benefits of vitamin E for your health?

In general, vitamin e is essential for your body’s immune functions, it helps greatly with unclogging arteries and acts as a natural antioxidant. Vitamin E can be considered a defender for your body because it fends off free radicals.

What the heck does that mean?

Free radicals are free-roaming atoms in the body that can damage cells. The vitamin E helps to scavenge these free radicals and has also been seen to hinder the production of them.

Too many free radicals can cause clogged arteries, loss of vision, and other issues such as atherosclerosis or even be related to early stages of cancer.

A healthy diet including plenty of fruit and vegetables as well as some seafood and/or nuts will keep your vita E levels at a healthy and stable rate.

What are the benefits of vitamin E for your skin?

Fortunately, vitamin E can be easily absorbed by the skin and is stored in the sebaceous glands. Vitamin E is often added to a variety of different skincare products ranging from sun cream, to anti-aging creams and even moisturizers.

It works particularly well to recover damaged or dry skin including sun burn and some rashes. But this should be taken with care due to allergies of different people.

In its pure form, vitamin E oil can be very hard to spread due to its thick viscous consistency. But when mixed in with a moisturiser or cream it works exceptionally well on dry areas of skin and can be used for skin damage for example: on the elbows or knees.

Are there any risks of using vitamin E products? Or consuming too much vitamin E?

There are no limitations to foods containing vitamin E seen as these are healthy, natural and will not overindulge your vitamin E levels. But taking vitamin E supplements could hinder the ability of your blood to clot. This can cause excessive bleeding and is very serious.

Therefore, it is advised to consume only the recommended amount of vitamin E via supplements and get your daily dose of vitamin E from a healthy and balanced diet!

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Who should use vitamin E products?

Vitamin E is important for everyone!

But especially those who have low levels of vitamin E or are already taking vitamin supplements.

If you have dry skin and want to replenish your vitamin E levels the best option could be a cream such as Mistatera’s Junivive cream with vitamin E!

Our cream is perfect for dry skin and also has antiaging properties! It moisturises and replenishes your skins vibrancy while also reducing signs of wrinkles! A non-GMO cream with natural ingredients.

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