It is no secret that the CBD market is flooded with CBD drops and many kinds of products containing CBD. Of course, there is good reason for this – CBD from hemp can cure many problems in the human body, as well as in the bodies of our beloved pets. So what’s different about our CBD story?

Balance by Mistatera

So why on Earth would the market need another provider of CBD drops?

From the moment our team first met, the answer was clear; we want to change the world! We will! Into a better one, for you!

We had a lot of experienced people present at the table for our first meeting. Colleagues with knowledge from the cultivation, processing, production and selling of CBD products. But most importantly it was the wisdom that brought us together and ignited the light in our souls. The wisdom that cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa) are so beneficial to the body that, from now on, we endeavour to make the world aware of it. Not only for when problems occur, but much earlier. Now.

Nowadays the media is full of articles surrounding the benefits of different cannabinoids, explaining how they can help or even cure certain medical conditions. But we have not found one suggesting the use of CBD for the prevention of such conditions. We thought to ourselves – isn’t prevention a smarter solution? We then asked ourselves; what is the sole wish of a human being? For us, the answer was clear – happiness. So, now – how does one achieve that? Wealth? Power? Health?


Here comes our answer – THE BALANCE. Our CBD story.

The balance of a healthy body and a sound mind. We are gifted this at birth but then … we start to fall off. We crave money. We work too hard. We party too much. We spend too much. We end up tired. This creates a vicious cycle where we become tired earlier and earlier. Firstly, earlier during the day; later, earlier in our lives. We are out of balance, getting old, not only the meaning of our real age, but in the meaning of our mind-set as well.

We strive to retrieve our balance back! To feel as if we were back in our mid-twenties, or thirties. To feel ten, even twenty years younger. We would swap all our wealth for the energy we used to have. For the health which we started to lose and the life we imagined we would have, but that which just keeps running away from us.

There are many ways to slow the world around us and start enjoying it once again. So, why not combine them in a new, balanced lifestyle. Eating well (healthy nutrition), exercising, getting enough rest, reducing bad habits such as smoking and drinking (too much) – this will all help. With the outstanding support of cannabinoids and their beneficial effects, this process becomes easier, faster as well as long lasting.


Expertise makes the difference!

With our combined experience from the feedback of our customers using CBD products, we have more than 40,000 instances to rely on. We realised that cannabinoids in general not only cure their problems, but also, and most importantly, improve the quality of their lives. The majority of customers keep using the products even after the problems disappear, because they simply live better.

So, with that knowledge, we feel obliged to spread the word. Do not wait for a medical reason to bring cannabinoids into your body. Use them regularly to keep your mind and body balanced. Make them a part of your lifestyle.

Our company has a very specific name; Agleya which is derived from the name Aglaea. Aglaea was the daughter of the Greek god Asclepius, who was the god of medicine, healing, and rejuvenation. The Latin word “Statera” means “balance” in English. Seen as we are speaking of our own balance, we added “mi”, which is “my” in Spanish.

The brand MISTATERA was born to rejuvenate people around the world, and to open a completely new field for the use of cannabinoids – supporting our bodies, to keep them as we always wanted them. In the best possible shape. In total balance.

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