Larisa Smrekar

CEO & Founder

I have always dreamt of becoming an architect, but never really had any idea why. Continuing through life I discovered a passion for economics and realised I wanted to do something I could look back on and be proud of. Hence, when this amazing Mistatera project came about I gladly jumped aboard. To me, finding balance between work and leisure has never been easier, thanks to our CBD drops.


David Udovic

CTO & Founder

My life changed when I came across a natural remedy that could rewrite bad parts of our organism the same way I rewrite a bad code. CBD gave me energy and relieved my stress, so Imagine my overwhelming happiness when a group of the most skilful people from different fields of expertise invited me to join them! In a quest to improve people’s lives with the wonders of CBD.


Tomaz Rosic

Adviser & Founder

I am one of the co-founders and advisers of Mistatera, in creating this business my aim is to help 2 million people around the world by 2021. I consider myself a passionate and up to date advocate for all things to do with natural remedies. It was a perfect opportunity for me to join this team seen as Mistatera really strives to create premium natural remedies.


Tanja Blatnik

Financial Adviser & Founder

My life motto is: “A healthy mind in a healthy body”, as the ancient Greeks used to say. I used to play volleyball and sports have always been my drive. As an accountant, numbers have always fascinated me. I feel best among the people who have the vision to create and contribute as much as possible into our everyday.


Bogdan Pusnik


During a motorcycling trip along the West Coast of the United States, I learned that quite a lot of states had legalised the use of marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes. It’s not only THC which benefits the body. Many other cannabinoids help the body to fight the challenges of everyday stress and slow down the ageing process, rejuvenating the body. When I received an invitation to join the Mistatera team as an adviser, it was an absolute no-brainer!

I am the Project manager at Mistatera. I am motivated by coming to work with the expectation of changing people’s lives in the most in a natural and safe way as each parcel sent out is one more person, we help towards improving their quality of life.
Thousands of positive feedbacks and returning customers proved that our product helps people and we do the right job!


Thomas Chudleigh

Content Writer 

I’ve always had a passion for nature so, it seemed perfect to take the opportunity to work for a company that prides themselves on optimising natural remedies. I’m studying business and economics majoring in marketing. At Mistatera, being surrounded by experts in their respective fields provides me with a great chance to improve all aspects of my business skills.