Overtired? | Let’s try and Understand what is happening to your body!

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Wonder why we are all so tired?

Today’s modern world has unknowingly reshaped the way our brain works!

Huh? Care to explain more?

Sure, when you think back to ancient times of the hunters and gatherers some 1 million years ago in the times of homo-erectus. What did they have on their minds? It basically went: eat, drink, sleep, all the while whilst trying not to be killed by the natural elements or other predatory animals.

Life was difficult, but simple.

What about our society today?

Our minds are constantly engaged and our thoughts fragmented – a lot is going on in our lives – simultaneously and without any real break away from it all.
What is harming us the most – and we can’t really avoid it – is the proliferation of technology into almost all aspects of our life.

Many of us use a computer on a daily basis. Especially office workers, who tend to use a computer for upwards of 5 hours per day. Now this is excluding the time spent on mobile phones (which is another necessity in modern society)!


A U.S. study revealed that the average American spends 8 and a half hours in front of a screen per day. That is combined with computers, phones, and other devices such as tablets etc. And, this is a lot of screen time!

How is all this screen time affecting my brain?

The amount of time spent in front of screens can negatively affect the brain in several ways but in this article, we will focus on the aspect of sleep.

First of all, the majority of devices we use emit a blue light which creates the backlight for our devices.

Although the backlight is important for our devices, the blue light emitted can be very harmful to our brain. This light decreases the melatonin creation by our brain, which is the chemical that helps us sleep.

This blue light makes the brain think it is daytime hence decreasing the quantity and quality of our sleep!

The second issue which is a bit trickier to understand is the incentive of using devices (think instant gratification and reward). Because many of us use devices, such as computers and phones for work, we subconsciously believe that our devices are important and provide productivity gains.

When a push notification comes up on your phone, your brain has incentivised itself to think that the notification is useful. You automatically check it without thinking (even though it is most likely saying that your phone is running out of storage!).

This creates a downwards spiral of phone and device addiction or dependence.

How do we change that?

It can be hard because we tend to use our phones for pretty much everything. Simple things like turning off your phone when not needed or choosing to minimise screen time (time away from the phone) can bring gains and have us depend less and less on our phones.

So, how can I improve my sleep?

It should already help that you consume less blue light with devices.

Let’s look back, once again, to the ancient times before the rise of technology and the modern era. How did people sleep?

People in the past had similar sleep patterns to us. That is, they went to bed at sunset and woke up at sunrise. But what was the main difference between now and then?
No one was overtired

How was that possible?

Imagine how little a number of things they had to disturb their sleep? No phones, little to no technology that involved screens or blue light, and importantly they had a significant connection with nature.

Most people before the start of the 19th century were farm workers (in the 2nd agricultural revolution) meaning they had to survive off the land and simultaneously try to make a living by selling what they produced.

People worked hard and had to sleep well at night to replenish their energy for the next day of week! There were no days off back then!

Everyone worked with the land and nature provided them with what they needed to survive.

And, here is our answer – NATURE.

Could we encapsulate this missing and important element and enjoy the benefits it provides?

YESwe can use natures secret weapon: cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD is a natural cannabinoid deriving from the cannabis plant. It has many beneficial health properties that are still under research to discover their full potential.

CBD has risen in popularity as a great supplement to a healthy lifestyle. It can help with the routine problems everyone runs into in these modern times.

People use CBD to reduce symptoms of anxiety, reduce chronic pain, and most importantly help them sleep!

The natural components of CBD actively interact with your body’s internal system helping calm your body and mind. It is hard to find a natural remedy that works in direct contact with your body’s internal system.

CBD interacts with your receptors such as stress, appetite, and pain. It can increase or decrease the function of each receptor depending on what it needs.

How great is that?!

This helps with regulating your body so that nothing is out of order!

It especially helps to calm your body before going to sleep and helps you get to sleep faster!  

CBD basically takes care of your body being in balance and CBD is one of the best answers on how to combat our hectic lifestyle. – Put yourself back in sync with CBD oil.



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