Rejuvenation Box

Raise to a challenge with Mistatera Rejuvenation Box:

  • reduce anxiety
  • relieve chronic pains
  • anti-age skin care
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • vegan


Rejuvenation Box includes:

1 x 5% CBD oil (10 ml)

1 x 11% CBD oil (10 ml)

1 x Junivive Cream (50 ml)

141.41 105.00

CBD and payment badges

This package is perfect for those who want to significantly improve their lifestyle, achieve balance and at the same time, look fresh and youthful.

We would suggest you start with 5% CBD drops and after a month upgrade to 11%. With this approach, your body will slowly adjust to CBD and start maximizing the benefits that it provides.

5% CBD drops are milder and are perfect for improving your sleep and to reduce anxiety, while 11% are aimed to relieve your chronic pains and strengthen your immune system.

If you are experiencing anxiety or any pains, this package is the right choice for you. Balanced body leads to healthier skin and youthful look. Additionally, support your rejuvenation experience with applying Junivive Cream, which is 100% natural and suitable for all skin types.


Ingredients & Usage

5% CBD oil – see product listing: CBD OIL 5%, 500mg (10ml)

11% CBD oil – see product listing: CBD OIL 11%, 1100mg (10ml)

Junivie Cream with Vitamin E – see product listing: Junivive Cream w/ Vitamin E (50 ml)

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