Taking CBD with food and drink | The do’s and don’ts!

cbd with food or drink?

How and when should I take my CBD? Should I take CBD with food or drink?

A frequently asked question among the CBD community and CBD newcomers is whether CBD should be taken with or without food?

Most CBD brands advise their user to take a few drops of CBD under the tongue in the morning and evening (as do we). But should it be done with food? Can you mix it with your favourite morning smoothie or your late-night cup of tea?

We will answer all your questions below!

Should CBD be taken with a drink?

When taking CBD, it is important to understand your dosages and what percentage of CBD you are taking. Whether you want to take just your daily dose of 5% CBD to help with sleep or if your condition is life threatening and you need to take 100% CBD such as the seizure medication Epidiolex®.

What will most likely happen if you mix your CBD with some food and drinks is that the percentage you are taking will be diluted. Especially if you mix it with a liquid. For example, let’s assume you enjoy drinking a cup of earl grey tea before work in the morning along with breakfast.

At the same time, you take your 2-3 drops of 5% CBD before going to work. So, you decide why shouldn’t I just add my CBD drops into the tea and save myself the hassle?

It is better to first take the CBD drops and then drink your tea to avoid the risk of diluting the potency of your CBD drops!

What about CBD with food?

However, if you would like to take your CBD drops with food this is a much better idea. As long as the food is not liquid (such as a soup) then it can be taken together without a high risk of dilution. Actually, maybe with a higher chance of effectiveness as you will find out below!

If you don’t enjoy the taste of CBD oil (a problem you won’t have with Mistatera) which can often be the case for users, you could try eating a piece of chocolate or your favourite biscuit with your CBD oil on top!  

cbd with food

New research that could change the CBD game!

In fact, a study in the US showed that eating food with CBD could increase the absorption and possibly the effectiveness of the CBD on your body!

The study followed patients taking CBD capsules for epilepsy and the findings showed that those patients who took CBD with their breakfast had higher absorption of CBD in their blood than those who took CBD first and ate 4 hours later.

The study also concluded the possibility of high fat meals being more effective for absorption than low fat meals.

So, it seems that taking CBD with your bacon and eggs could lead to a more effective dosage of CBD?!

Try it out for yourself and let us know how it goes!

To conclude. . .

Overall, it seems that no matter if you take your favourite CBD products in the morning or at night, that it is best taken with food, not drink. 

If that food is high in fats, then that may increase the chances of absorption and effectiveness of your CBD product!

Could CBD with food be a future trend in this fast-growing industry?

Note: we do not advise frequent consumption of high fat foods as this can lead to an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. This was just stated in the research linked above.

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