Waking up tired? Yes, there is a natural solution for that.

Looking at screens, feeling stress constantly and no real time spent in the fresh air. The nature element is missing and it's no wonder you're waking up tired.
Waking up tired

Is waking up tired normal?


Never in the history of humankind were we exposed to this much stress.

The pressures of competing with peers, taking care of our household and giving our best for a prominent carer. 

Yes, that existed in the past too.

But nowadays, we’re just a click away to see the daily lives of most successful human beings in the world.

So hear me out what really changed.

It’s easier to compete with begonias of blacksmiths’ wife than comparing your whole life with Ariana Grande.


So, what’s all this screen time actually doing to your body and brain? Humans didn’t evolve to stare at bright screens all day. And our eyes are suffering the consequences.

Does it effect our sleeping? You bet it does!

Missing time spent in pure nature

Human body has evolved together with nature. 

And if you think about it, this component is missing the most. 

Compare the amount of fresh air you breathe every day to the amount people did just 100 years ago.

Yes, sadly, waking u tired is completely normal.

Let’s see the survey outcomes:

Are you often waking up tired?
1506 – YES
82 – NO

Is there a solution?

The solution exists in a form of nature. 

Sadly, it’s been prohibited for the last 80 years. 

But now it’s back!

I’m talking about a natural extract of cannabis plant.

Except this sort is called hemp and it won’t get you high.

What really is CBD and how can it help?

To get a bit technical: Due to mentioned changes in your daily lives, your body is missing terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids. All naturally present in CBD OIL 5%, 500mg (10ml).

Those active substances will bring your body in balance and make your sleep a complete and fulfilling experience.

  • CBD oil will make you calm down and relax (stress), 
  • CBD oil will repair damaged tissue (screens),
  • CBD oil will add to your daily intake of nature.

And you won’t get high!


"...product that everyone can benefit from..."

“I think this is one of those products that everyone can benefit from, as it doesn’t have any bad side effects nor is it addictive. It’s affordable and accessible and I think this is definitely a product I’m going to keep using and implementing into my daily routine. I think the benefits of cbd have been widely discussed and there are lots of medicinal plants that are being discovered.”

a travel, lifestyle and beauty blog by Gibraltarian blogger Giana Spiteri.

"...i'm absolutely shocked about the benefits CBD oil can have..."

Whimsical mumblings

“Mistatera 5% CBD Drops contain full spectrum cannabinoids and all ingredients are of plant origin and grown in the EU. With less than 0.2% THC, the CBD resin is dissolved in coconut oil which is high in healthy saturated fats and known as a superfood – another bonus!

Overall, I’m impressed with Mistatera CBD oil, it did make a noticable difference to my wellbeing, and it’s a good price too if you are on a budget! Plus, i’m absolutely shocked about the benefits CBD oil can have!

Wimsical Mumblings
I’m Sarah! I am a Wife & a Mama to 3 little monkeys, a boy and 2 girls. Sharing motivational content & encouraging us all to become our best selves.

"...mornings in which I’ve woken up and have felt properly rested..."

Soph Hearts

“I tend to sleep well but still often feel as though I’ve not had quite enough. Although I was sceptical at first about CBDs ability to help me in this regard, over the last month or so there seem to have been more mornings in which I’ve woken up and have felt properly rested. If you’d like to try CBD drops out and see how they can benefit you in the new year, then I have good news, Mistatera is currently sending out free 2ml glass bottles of their product (you just need to pay for shipping).

Soph Hearts
sophhearts.com is the lifestyle blog of a millennial, or in other words- my online diary. From my take on the latest beauty products and fashion trends, to honest conversations about relevant topics,

How do I use it and When should I start?

Based on my experiences with over 32.000 customers in the last 5 years, everyone should start using CBD as soon as possible due to its wide range of benefits. 

I usually recommend 3 month of regular use – 5 drops 2 times a day.

After that, there is no need for continuous use for at least a year. But I have to say, plenty of people use it regularly  throughout the whole year as it general make them feel better. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Click here and order right now.

Or if you’re still not completely sure, you can get your free samples here (You just pay for shipping and handling).

5% CBD Oil by Mistatera

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